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SHOWROOM SALE Terms & Conditions

CULTKA SHOWROOM sale Terms & Conditions

By making a purchase during the SHOWROOM sale you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:


Up to 60% discount on selected showroom display and in-stock Items.

Promotional Period:

SHOWROOM sale will run for a period of time determined by CULTKA, commencing 9:00am Friday, 9th February 2024 to and finishing until stock lasts or as determined by CULTKA. Orders placed outside of this period will not be eligible for the promotional discount.

General Terms

  • Orders placed during the SHOWROOM Promotion may take up to 20 days before they are delivered, depending on delivery address location.
  • Estimate delivery timeframe will not be a reason for any refunds.
  • There is no purchase limit on orders placed during this promotional period.
  • Promotion code for SHOWROOM and in-stock sale items is automatically included at checkout of order purchase.
  • CULKTA will not be responsible for any technical difficulties, failure to purchase or promotional discount errors and no correspondence will be engaged in.
  • All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.
  • Items purchased are not available for individual sale.
  • Items purchased on SHOWROOM sale do not include warranty. 
  • Showroom sale items have been on display and are agreed to its current conditions upon purchase.