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The CULTKĀ Story

The excitement of moving into a new home is like no other. You have a clean slate and can say goodbye to design limitations and style that held you back in your old place. That is precisely how we felt... Until it came to searching for furniture. Nothing told a story, everything seemed the same no matter where we turned and flat designs were paired with full price tags. 

This is how it all began. A craving for unique pieces that sparked conversation, fabrics that stood the test of time while making you feel genuinely wrapped up in comfort and, of course, did not break the bank. That is when the search started by connecting directly with suppliers and manufacturers.

As we filled our homes with exactly the type of pieces we knew the market was missing, visitors noticed. People wanted to come through and see the furniture, and we are here. 

CULTKĀ provides accessible, design-led pieces that blend art and functionality. It's what you have been looking for.

CULTKĀ is a concept store, specialising in unique, timeless and interesting pieces such as furniture, art and homewares. Our mission is to provide high quality and competitively priced pieces to the design obsessed community here in Australia. We are on an ongoing search for new and old designs that combine shapes, textures and colours, adding comfort & beauty to any space.