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Transform your home with mid-century furniture

Transform your home with mid-century furniture

Mid Century is a popular style of interior design due to its simplicity and timelessness. This particular style takes inspiration from the contemporary 1950s and applies it to modern homes, transforming them into extravagant, yet functional spaces.

Let’s further discuss what is mid-century furniture and how you can implement the style in your home. 


What is mid-century furniture

The mid-century style emerged in the 1950s; a time when functionality ruled over extravagance. Therefore, unlike the frilly, ornate pieces you might find in antique stores, mid-century furniture is much more straightforward in nature. Characterised by architecturally clean lines, gentle curves and organic shapes, and sturdy materials like wood, steel and textured fabrics, mid-century furniture is built for purpose; to last a lifetime.

This style of interior design is highly celebrated for its forward-thinking, functional designs. While designer mid-century furniture can be unattainable for most, all Cultkā replicas and original pieces encompass the mid-century style.


How to transform your home with mid-century furniture

Lounge room

In a room that can take on many forms, the most important consideration here is the desired feeling you hope to evoke. If it's a space for entertaining, you might like to consider functional

pieces like a spacious coffee table, a statement mid-century sofa, like the beautiful and bulbous Camaleon Replica, an intriguing focal point, like the Ultrafragola Mirror Replica, as well as a soft rug as an additional floor seating option.

On the other hand, if the lounge room space is to evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, opt for a wooden cabinet and vinyl, and inviting seating, like the Le Bambo Replica. Tie it all together with natural elements of solid wood and indoor plants.



More often than not, the bedroom prompts feelings of tranquillity and calm. Naturally, the bed becomes the focal point, inviting a moment of rest. When searching for a mid-century bed, look for intriguing fabrics and colours, to really draw the eye. 

The Ibiza Bed encompasses those features and is built to last with high-quality materials. Transform the rest of the bedroom with suitable bedside tables, warm lighting, a sturdy wooden dresser, and a mid-century chair. We recommend the Michelin Chair Replica or Wassily Chair Replica. Aim to keep it simple and uncluttered in the bedroom as your mid-century bed will do all of the talking, but also don't be afraid to play with textures.


Home office

When transforming you home with mid-century furniture, the home office is no exception. Add a touch of elegance and forward-thinking style with mid-century accents. Think floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, a warm-light desk lamp, wooden cabinetry and, of course, a mid-century arm chair. We recommend Wassily Chair Replica or the Aria Chair, both fit for a professional.  


Style your mid-century furniture with Cultkā

Transforming your home can take time, especially when incorporating a new interior style into existing elements. To help you in your pursuit of a well-executed mid-century space, we offer free design consults with our in-house interior designer team. If you’re looking for mid-century furniture in Brisbane, we’re not far away. Book your free consultation today, and let our experts help you style your space with CULTKĀ.