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The Togo Sofa - Defining cool for 50 years

Togo Replica Designer Furniture
Celebrating 50 years since its creation this year, the distinctive Togo sofa design remains as cool and coveted as it was in the 1970’s. 

Being both design inspired and practical, this low profile modular sofa solely constructed of foam and originally wrapped in quilted polyester, has turned up in many iconic and influential spaces.

Lately though, the slouchy, effortless wrinkled silhouette of the Togo sofa series is trending thanks to its new generation of admirers including young, Instagram-savvy design lovers.

michael ducaroy at work

Michel Ducaroy at work.



The concept of the Togo was born one morning in the 1960’s, when French designer Michel Ducaroy, was standing at the bathroom sink examining, of all things, his aluminium toothpaste tube folded back on itself like a stovepipe and closed at both ends.

One quick sketch later and Ducaroy had the blueprint for his most recognisable design which  was officially unveiled at Paris’s Salon des Arts Ménagers in 1973. 

Originally met with scepticism, the Togo came at a time when social attitudes were changing and consumers were seeking a more relaxed approach to their homes and furniture. The Togo challenged what a traditional sofa represented. People were amazed that the design had no base and when unveiled, people assumed Ducaroy had forgotten or didn’t have time to build one. Despite its retractors, the Togo went on to be awarded the René-Gabriel prize, which recognised “innovative and democratic furniture” - pieces that offered high quality at a fair price. 

The Togo is recognised as “innovative and democratic furniture” - pieces that offered high quality at a fair price. 


 Togo Sofa, The Ligne Roset. Source: SixtysixMag

It was at this moment in time Michel Ducaroy earned his celebrity status and the taste-innovators and trend-setters of the 1970s acquired the Togo in their quest to rebel and be different.  


The Togo sofa is as equally famous for its distinctive and iconic design as it is for being one of the most comfortable sofas you will ever own. 

Throughout the 60’s Ducaroy experimented with different density foams, polyester quilting and innovative production techniques to perfect the famous Togo and it continues to be meticulously handcrafted today. 

The sofa is shown here in Jean Brut.

The Original Togo sofa is shown here in Jean Brut.

The Togo, unlike any other sofa available at the time, had no springs, base, feet or armrests which enabled the design to sit low to the ground. The all-foam cushioned seating also had no hard points at all but was extremely sturdy and ‘hugs’ the body of those who take a seat.  

The low profile design, comfort, flexibility and durability of the Togo sofa series has made it not only appealing to those looking for unparalleled design but also a practical sofa investment the entire family can enjoy. 

Michel Ducaroy's Togo sofa. Source: Ligne Roset 


At the heart of Cultka’s purpose is to provide accessible, design-led pieces that blend art and functionality. 

"When we initially conceptualised the Cultka collection, including a replica variation of the Togo sofa series was a must with its ability to effortlessly blend art and functionally as a usable sculpture for your home." Kelly Sanchez

There are five Replica Toga sofa variations to choose from, a one, two or three seater as well as a corner seat and an ottoman and all are available in the full suite of Cultka fabrics and colours on pre-order.

To explore all available options
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Togo Replica Sofa_Cultka_Australia only

Cultka Togo Sofa Replica.

The variety of sofa modules and fabric colours choices allows the Toga to truly adapt to any space. A corner seat can be added to create a bigger sofa and the matching ottoman can also double as a coffee table when matched with a tray. 


The ease at which the pieces can be shuffled around also means the Toga is multi-purpose. It can be moved into:

  • one long line for movie watching
  • split into separate pieces for entertaining
  • pushed together to create an additional bed for guests and for families
  • doubles as the perfect cubby house for endless hours of imaginary play 

The original Togo and our replica Toga sofa series is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing and it is not at all surprising to see why it has well and truly cemented its place in design history and is Cultka customer favourite. 

Togo Replica One Seater_Cultka

Cultka Togo Sofa Replica.

If you would like to experience the Toga Replica sofa in real life, the design is currently on display in our Gold Coast showroom, simply book a consult today.