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The modular sofa: The heart of contemporary living spaces

The modular sofa: The heart of contemporary living spaces

In a living space, the sofa is often the central piece that sets the tone, colour, character and function of the space. It is also the piece of furniture people are most likely to make the largest investment in. 

At CULTKĀ, our sofas are the heart of our carefully curated collection. Our modular sofas, in particular, have been selected for their aesthetics and ability to enhance any space but also their functionality, adaptability and quality, guaranteed to provide many years of comfort and style. 

Tufti Sofa Replica

The living room of our beloved customer, Nadia.

They also continue to be some of our customers favourite pieces and we love seeing the creative variations and styling our customers have selected for their homes. 



Harvey Probber

Harvey Probber - American furniture designer

The modular sofa was first invented by American designer Harvey Probber but rose to fame during the 1970’s, when single household living was on the rise, people were being more influenced by interior design and they were more keen to experiment with new shapes and bright bold colours.

At the time, the modular sofa was hailed as “one of the most influential developments in contemporary furniture design".

It ultimately changed the perception of family-friendly furniture and made furniture inspired by high-end design more attainable for the masses. 

The Four Reasons WHY

There are many reasons the modular sofa is so popular and why you would consider investing in one. We have put together the crucial ones below for easy reading: 

1. Ability to change with your lifestyle and environment 

As your lifestyle and environment changes, a modular sofa has the ability to change with you. It might just be you living in an apartment at the moment but in five years time you could be a family of three living in a home with more space. A modular sofa can provide a sophisticated seating area or be reconfigured to create a comfy family-oriented couch. Its modularity allows for you to design, rearrange and redesign for the many seasons in your life.

2. Space efficiency 

Having different modules to work with means you can actually separate the sofa to create different furniture pieces. For example the ottoman can actually be part of the sofa’s seating or a single module with a backrest can become a stand alone chair that could even be used in another room all together. 

3. Creative expression 

Many modular sofas allow the option of selecting different colours for different modules. This provides you another level of creative expression beyond the configuration of the sofa. It gives you an opportunity to add your own character and style to the sofa design and space. 

4. Longevity 

As mentioned previously, a sofa is often one of the largest furniture investments you will make for your home. A modular sofa's ability to adapt with your lifestyle and environment means you are able to maximise the years you can enjoy it. Ensuring you select a quality modular sofa in a durable fabric will also see your beloved sofa go the distance.


Until the end of February 2024, we are shining the spotlight on one of our favourite modular sofas, the Tufit Replica.

The Tufti Replica sofa is a premium reproduction of the iconic Tufty Time designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia in 2005. The design was inspired by tuft upholstery and the Chesterfield sofas from the sixties and seventies. 

CULTKĀ’s informal modular system offers free and versatile composition possibilities. The linear style of the Tufti Replica accommodates the changing needs of modern families as does the wide range of CULTKĀ fabrics and colours to choose on pre-order.

Tufti Replica Sofa in Pink

To explore all available options
click here. This stunning replica also comes fully assembled, ready for immediate comfort. 

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This discount is also valid on our Tufti Bed Replicas available in queen and king variations. 

If you would like to experience our Tufti Replica sofa in real life or any of our other modular sofas, all are currently on display in our Gold Coast showroom, simply book a consult today.