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The chameleon of the sofa world

The chameleon of the sofa world

As we continue our love affair with the Camaleon Replica Sofa this month and explore what it is about this design icon that has seen it remain popular for over five decades, we discuss the features both the original and our premium Camaleon Replica sofa share and those unique to CULTKĀ’s version. 

The Camaleonda sofa was one of the first modular sofas to go mainstream and when it was released in 1970 its innovative system of cables, hooks and rings set it apart from anything else on the market and continues to this day. 


The system, also a key feature of our Camaleon Replica sofa, allows the sofa to adapt to the ever changing tastes, needs and environments of its users.From small apartments with limited space to spacious homes with open living rooms, the Camaleonda and our Camaleon Replica sofa adapts to any space and is a piece of furniture for every season in your life. 

Creating the perfect sofa configuration for your space using the different seat modules is part of the fun of owning the Camaleonda and Camaleon Replica sofa and a true test of its adaptability. 


Configurate your design

The design can be configured to be a linear sofa, a group of seats positioned around a table, a daybed, a series of separate lounge chairs, a corner sofa or a floating sculptural island used to centre an open-plan living space. 

Our Camaleon Replica sofa offer more elevated profile, which has been intentionally altered to make the sofa even more comfortable and accessible for all those that appreciate the design.


At CULTKĀ we have simplified the design to include seven modules:

  • left and right side modules
  • corner module
  • middle module
  • small seat
  • all available with one standard back height, as well as a small and large ottoman to choose from.
  • see all options HERE

The different modules are interchangeable

The middle module can be converted to an ottoman, the side modules can convert into a middle module or ottoman and the small module offers the same flexibility, all culminating to deliver a truly adaptable sofa.


High-quality materials are the fundamental essence

Central to our Camaleon Replica sofa is the 90cm x 90cm seat modules that create the distinct bulbous and almost cloud-like shape of the sofa. High-density foam covered in high quality fabric or leather upholstery and a solid dry pine wooden base frame combine to deliver a very comfortable couch with medium firmness. 

  • Each module sits on top of solid wood feet and at CULTKĀ we offer a choice of black or natural timber.
  • Our sofa also features stainless steel connectors to minimise movement of the modules and to ensure optimal comfort for years to come. 

All CULTKĀ fabric materials are 100% premium polyester in their composition, with commercial grade use in mind. Polyester is far more durable in comparison to wool and a lot harder wearing, even when the weave is extremely fine. 

  • CULTKĀ fabric choices include velvet, linen, chenille, boucle, leather and vintage leather with 40 different velvet colours to choose from.

  • You can view the full range of fabrics and colours available for both in-stock and pre-order Camaleon Replica sofas here. 

  • Choosing a CULTKĀ fabric will ensure your sofa not only looks amazing but stands the test of time without stretching, shrinking, thinning or wearing out.

We always recommend considering your children and fur babies when making a fabric selection. Our velvet fabric or leather are ideal fabrics as they do not contain any raised weave or loose threads which can easily get snagged by nails, teeth or sharp objects. We also recommend choosing our darker colour options to minimise the appearance of any soiling.  


Mix & Match

As each seat module is added individually to your order to create your desired Camaleon Replica sofa configuration, there is the flexibility to select different colours for each module. Our customers have loved getting creative with their sofas, using different colours to make a statement and reflect their own personal style. 

Perfect spot?

When it comes to choosing the ideal spot for the CULTKĀ Camaleon Replica sofa we recommend positioning the modules against a wall to avoid excessive strain on the cables, hooks and rings, which may lead to stretching over time. 

If you would like to experience the Camaleon Replica sofa in real life, the design is currently on display in our Gold Coast showroom, simply book a consult today.