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Meet Kim - Interior Design Consultant in CULTKA

Meet Kim - Interior Design Consultant in CULTKA

Meet Kim, our Interior Design Consultant and Sales Manager, responsible for the customer service division. In Cultka, we are honored to have this energetic, creative, and super reliable woman in the team. 

Hi Kim! How are you? Please tell us what is your background in the interior design industry? 

I actually started out in the fashion industry, owning my own fashion business in my home country of Brazil. This path later led me to studying furniture design and interior design. 
When I moved to Australia, I worked for a Fine Art Reproduction company which collaborated with artists, photographers and interior designers. It was the perfect introduction to the creative design landscape in Australia and its influence on Australian culture. 

Have you always had an interest in design and hoped one day you would work in the industry? 

I have been surrounded by design my whole life, growing up with parents who both worked in the design and fashion industries. I was fortunate from a young age to have the opportunity to work with them and along the way learnt that, like them, being creative and the creative process is one of my passions. 
Over the years I have worked in other industries and through this process, combined personal experiences, it confirmed my passion for the industry. 

Does your passion for design filter over into your personal life? 

It certainly does. I am always intrigued by what's behind an exterior, beyond the surface. I’ll often see the exterior of a home and be curious about what the home’s interior is like, if the same design style is carried throughout or if it's in complete contrast. 
I notice every detail of a space, no matter where I am. I am always finding myself inspired by different ideas, designs and architecture. 

Choose three words to describe your personality? 


Is there a particular designer or design era that has had the greatest influence on you and your style? 

I would not say there is a particular designer or design era that influences me. I appreciate the diversity of different styles and eras and like integrating a little bit of everything I love about each into a space or project. 

How would you describe your personal style / interior design style preference? 

I would say my style is eclectic and I love using colour to add life to space. 

If you had to choose a favourite designer piece of furniture from throughout history, what would it be and why? 

Sergio Rodrigues’s “poltrona mole”. I love his furniture vision which focuses on robust elements that emulate the shape of the body to enable you to almost sink into the furniture, it's like you almost become one with it. Each piece is so inviting, you instantly want to take a seat and never get up. 

I was completely captivated by his “poltrona mole” the first time I saw it. I was very young and it was the first designer furniture piece that caught my attention. I also have a soft spot for him as he is from my hometown and his studio was actually located right next to my home in Rio De Janeiro. 

How long have you been with CULTKA and what attracted you to working with the brand? 

I first met Kelly in October 2021, at the opening of The Ocean Club, here on the Gold Coast. Her furniture was on display and I completely loved the style and collection she was reproducing with CULTKA. 
The opportunity and idea to work together came in September 2022, when I started working casual part-time at CULTKA. In April 2023, I started working full-time and have since completely fallen  in love with the furniture collection and the quality of the product. 

What is your favourite CUTLKA furniture piece and why? 

It’s so hard to select only one, I have so many favourites and love each piece for different reasons. It all comes down to the style you desire for your home and the space available and each furniture piece suits different needs. 
I love that CULTKA sofas can work so differently in one space, with a changeup in the surrounding decor you can achieve a completely different look! 
What I most love about CULTKA is the fact that all products can be custom-ordered in a huge range of fabrics and colours. I LOVE seeing a new fabric or colour for the first time in final production and always find myself falling in love with colorful pieces. 

What is the one most valuable piece of design advice you share with your clients? 

Stick to your personality and let it influence your design choices. Your personality will always be unique and timeless.

Thank you Kim!