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How to style your TOGO sofa replica

How to style your TOGO sofa replica

From dusk to dawn, the TOGO sofa was designed with lazy mornings and cosy evenings in mind. The visually attractive and physically inviting ergonomic design, initially designed by Michel Ducaroy in 1973, delivers pure comfort and style to any space. To help inspire your incorporation of our TOGO sofa replica, here are five of our favourite styles. 


A space to entertain

In a rather busy room, the TOGO and WASSILY seating balances the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. The leather fabrics add a touch of opulence and serve as an invitation to the entertaining space. 

Paired with a statement cocktail table, emotive artwork and neutral tone fixtures, the TOGO and WASSILY bring together a refined and sophisticated feel to this space. 


A pop of colour

An eye-catching statement of colour uplifts an otherwise soft and minimalistic living space. Supported by complementing features, like textured floor rugs, a subtle collection of retro books, and practical lighting, the TOGO adds a surprising element to the room. In this example, the lemon-lime hue aims to delight the senses as a fresh and unique focal point for the room.


A space for peace and quiet

The calming palette and purposeful comfort of the TOGO and floor rug allow for breathing space between the subtle sculptures and artwork. In addition, the carefully chosen low-lying profile pieces in muted tones help to achieve a sense of serenity, ideal for a relaxed reading nook. 

A velvet dream

The TOGO in deep green velvet is a divine addition to this otherwise classical space. Balanced perfectly with the eclectic floor rug and artwork and accompanying velvet cushions, the TOGO is well and truly the focal point of this space. 

A modern haven

Styled between a strong lighting fixture and complex floor rug, the TOGO in cream contrasts the space, muting the chaos and creating a haven for escape. 

Accompanied by a contemporary twist in the matte wall finish, floating shelves, textured throw and adjacent luxurious candles, the iconic TOGO helps to compose an area reserved for a momentary halt.

Customise your space with the replica TOGO sofa

As a concept store specialising in unique, timeless and interesting pieces, we’re proud to provide access to premium TOGO sofa replicas in Australia. As a custom sofa, we offer a free fabric swatch service, so you can customise your TOGO sofa replica to the number of modules, materials and shades required to evoke your desired feeling.  

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