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How to make your home look elegant

How to make your home look elegant

Adding a touch of elegance to your home doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Learn how to make your home look elegant from the experts in the industry and transform any room into a pleasingly ingenious and simple space.


Consider your space

An important factor in creating an elegant atmosphere is to consider your space, and the areas you can inject a sense of sophistication. If you are limited by space, consider your floors, ceilings and walls, and the areas you can add texture and statement pieces.

Using luxurious materials such as marble or granite can instantly elevate a room and give it an elegant touch. However, if these materials aren't within your budget, consider using faux options or finding creative ways to incorporate them into more subtle design elements like countertops or backsplashes.


Large mirrors and artwork

Introducing large mirrors and statement artwork adds visual interest to walls and a room. To make your home look elegant, always select large-scale art pieces as a focal point. 

If you are seeking to make your home look elegant on a budget, try DIY abstract art or print some of your own favourite photographs. You might even strike gold at a local market, or second hand store.

Mirrors also help to visually enlarge and brighten any space. By incorporating a large decorative mirror, you can add a sense of grandeur that instantly elevates your decor. 

Rich colour palette

Incorporating rich colours adds sophistication and class. Try using rich jewel tones like emerald green and deep sapphire blue. 

Using a monochromatic colour scheme is a great way to make your home look more elegant. Just be sure to balance these colours with neutral tones to keep the room from feeling overwhelming - add splashes of metallic and golds for added luxury.

Grand lighting

Adding statement lightings, such as an elegant chandelier or unique pendant lights instils a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. It's also a great way to make your home look elegant if you are on a budget.  

Lighting plays a key role in setting the mood and can add extra interest to your focal points by directing pools of light towards them. Consider adding an oversized pendant to the dining room table or a chic standing floor lamp next to your statement seating.  

Statement furniture

Investing in high-quality designer replica furniture is an effective way to make your home look more expensive.

Explore our statement custom sofas and custom beds, chairs and more. Just adding one luxury designer replica item can instantly change the overall appearance of a space. 

Your statement piece should become the central piece. Choosing your statement piece and designing around it will help blend the space together and make your home look more elegant.

Establishing a sense of elegance in your home not only uplifts the space, but adds value to your home and/or space. As the experts in interior design, we offer free design consultations to help you transform your space. 

Book your free design consultation today and experience the major difference expert interior styling can play in your space.