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The sofa that never goes out of fashion

The sofa that never goes out of fashion
It’s one of the world’s most recognised sofas, an icon and a mainstay in many international design museums, but what is it about the Camaleonda sofa? Why is it all over our Insta feeds? And why are we all swooning over this design from over five decades ago?

The Camaleonda’s recent renaissance all started in 2018, pre-pandemic, when Stella McCartney opened her new flagship Bond Street store in London, followed by Marc Jocobs when he opened his Madison Avenue pop-up store later that same year. 

Interior view of the Stella McCartney’s flagship store on London’s Bond Street.

At the centre of both stores and drawing as much admiration and attention as the designer’s collections themselves, was the beautiful and bulbous sofa, designed by renowned Italian furniture designer Mario Bellini.
Social media has since done the rest with the help of lifestyle expert Athena Calderone and model Chrissy Teigen, as well as a shifting focus on making our homes more inviting and aesthetically pleasing than ever before, swinging from minimalism to maximalism during the early pandemic 2020’s. 


In 1970, then 35-year old Mario Bellini, with furniture manufacturer B&B Italia, released the Camaleonda sofa as an architectural feature that could transform space at a time when upholstered furniture in the home had stagnated into tired traditional stereotypes.

Mario Bellini

The original Camaleonda sofa consisted of low profile 90cm x 90cm seat modules with a backrest and armrest as well as cables, hooks and rings designed to enable unlimited modularity.
The design could easily adapt to the needs of those using it; it could be a linear sofa, a group of seats positioned around a table, a daybed, a series of separate lounge chairs, a corner sofa or a floating sculptural island used to centre an open-plan living space. 

The name Camaleonda aptly describes both the shape and function of the sofa and is an amalgamation of two words. The first comes from the Italian word “camaleonte”, which means “chameleon”, and the second is “onda”, meaning “wave”.

The design was officially introduced to the international market in 1972, after appearing in that year’s New York Museum of Modern Art’s: “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape” exhibition. The sofa helped shape and define the aesthetic and form of an entire era of interior design, a time that was also considered the most radical period in Italian design.


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